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So there are always those stand out images in every wedding that once I capture them, they stay with me forever. Something about the image creates an emotion. I have decided to go through my weddings and share with you those photos one at a time. I absolutely love looking at a full wedding galleries because they tell a story. Sometimes though, I stop on an image because the image has a story within itself. The first photo I have chosen is from Craig and Erica's wedding that was in the Fall of last year (oh also, have I mentioned before how much I love Fall weddings?!).

This photo is one of the brides bouquet. It was such a lovely arrangement, but what makes it so special are the pictures dangling from it. Erica put two little charms with photos of her grandfathers in them. Her grandfathers had both passed away and she wanted them to be with her as she walked down the isle. Although I have no doubt they were shining down on her from heaven the whole day.

She also used the photos as her "something old" because the photos are from quite some time ago. She said that this had meant a lot to her grandmothers as well. What an awesome way to be honored.

This photo has stayed with me because of the relationship I have with my own grandfather. I honestly couldn't imagine not having him in my life anymore. I do know though, that there will come a day when it will be his time to pass. This photo serves as a reminder to me that even though we lose our love ones, they are never really gone. Our memories can't be erased, and we have photos to prove their very existence. No matter how much time passes, we are able to make their presence, present.

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Amber Tyler | Wedding Photographer | Missoula MT

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