Memorable Mention {A Mother's Love} Wedding Photographer

On August 16th I had the opportunity to shoot an amazing wedding out at The Barn at Finley Point in Polson, MT. This wedding was not only awesomely beautiful, but it was full of amazing people as well. I chose this picture for today's memorable mention because it was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Right before I started shooting, I had gotten a call from my dad that my mother was in the hospital. She has been battling many health issues so the call was very alarming and worrisome as you can imagine. I knew she wasn't dying, but I still felt uneasy and worried about not only her, but the rest of my family as well. I knew I needed to keep it together for the wedding though.

After I started shooting the getting ready photos, I realized that I couldn't have been in a better place at the time. I was surrounded by people that just exuded love and joy. The whole day was filled with such a happiness that I could not have created on my own given the circumstances. The ceremony was so filled with God's love and a message of hope. I could feel throughout the whole day peace and contentment knowing that everything was more than okay.

I absolutely love this photo because it was a moment where time seemed to stand still and a mother was able to look upon her daughter with the biggest love and joy possible. This was the smile right before the tears started to flow. Tears of bittersweet joy and of realization that your little girl is now going to be a married woman. I instantly thought of my mother of course, and of how this moment will feel one day when that is my daughter standing there looking just as beautiful as the day I first held her. It's really an overwhelming feeling. I have such a long time before this moment happens, but really I don't. Seeing these moments gives me such insight as to what my own mother feels. I am so thankful for moments like these.


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