Music is life.

There is beauty in everything. Sometimes we just have to change the way we see things.

You can have your cake and eat it too... Just don't eat the whole thing in one sitting.

We have the ability to love endlessly and completely. We spend our lives searching for this kind of love, when we in fact already have it.

Life is meant to be an adventure. It's okay if you get lost every now and then.

Road trips are the best form of bonding.

Every single person has a purpose. Not just a small one, but something great. We all at times get consumed in a trap of comparison, feeling like we may never measure up to other's standards. We have the power to do anything we set our minds to, yet we let others limit us. We are beautiful and we were created exactly the way we are for a purpose as well. Embrace it, love it and never give up on finding your purpose. Because once you do, you will see just how truly beautiful you were the whole time.


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