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Something that is becoming more popular these days are small intimate destination weddings and elopements. Many of you might not know that I offer options specifically for these type of weddings. I myself opted for an elopement, back in the day before hiring a photographer for an elopement was a thing. So I sadly have no photos from the day I got married. Ok wait, I lied, yes I do. I have a few cell phone shots and selfies of the day because cell phone cameras weren't near as nice 7 years ago as they are now. We have advanced rapidly in the cell phone camera department, but still not good enough that I would want anyone to only have cell phone shots of the day they got married! So I created packages for those that want to elope.

I offer what I call a "Lifestyle" or "adventure" elopements. This is more than just going and saying your vows at the court house, or wherever you choose. I want to help make your day all about you and what you love together as a couple. Want to hike to a mountain top for photos afterwards? Yes please! Want to hit up your favorite coffee shop or other local hangout for some photos? Yes, let's do it! Let's take the photos to the places that you enjoy together as a couple. Let's make them meaningful and create something you will cherish for years to come. And of course something you can print and hang on the walls, because my 2009 cell phone shot looks pretty crappy when printed in anything higher than a 4x6. Lame.

I help you plan out the day and organize the places to go, and can help refer you to specific vendors that can help bring your dream elopement shoot to life. So for all of you out there wanting to sneak off and elope or plan a small, intimate destination wedding- don't miss out on having your special day documented. The sky is the limit when it comes to these type of weddings or elopements because you can truly go anywhere you want, on any day of the week (we got married on a Thursday thank you very much!) and create a day just for the two of you.



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