Mari + Mercury | Trezzi Farm Wedding | Spokane, WA

Working with Mari and Mercury has been an adventure since day one. We had such a blast during their engagement photos (view engagement photos HERE), I knew right away their wedding definitely wouldn't disappoint. They picked Trezzi Farm for their venue. I was super excited about this because it was my first time doing a wedding at a winery. This venue is so unique because it combines the feel of a farm with a winery. The food was all made right there, by the owners of the venue. And in case you are wondering, yes the food was amazing. Made fresh with herbs grown right there at the farm.

Mari and Mercury are two of the sweetest people I've met. They also used the 3 words that are like music to my ears- "We trust you". When it came to their wedding day, they trusted me and my vision for their portraits so that their day could be spent just enjoying each other and their friends and family. Which is how it should be! The last thing I want  you worrying about on your wedding day is what you need to be doing for photos. Leave that to me! 😉

The details for this wedding were absolutely perfect for a winery wedding. They chose marsala and a light emerald green for the colors, and went minimal with the center pieces and decorations. Because as you will see below- not much was needed with the stunning venue they had to work with! The cake and desserts were done by Lake City Cakes. Flowers by Rose and Blossom. Make up done by Shasta Hankins.

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