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I met Kaley and Brandon last year, when I had put out a model call for a real couple to use in my promo video I was having made for my business. I sought out to find the perfect couple that fit my brand, and I was so excited when I read Kaley's submission. She described them as a fun, loving couple that seeks adventure together and LOVES to hike and do anything outdoors. They were perfect for what I needed! We scheduled a date and then anxiously waited to see how this all would go. I had never had a video created before. I knew I had a vision in my head of what I wanted, but I was so nervous because this project was all about me and this business I have poured me heart into. I wanted so badly for the video to truly represent what I love about what I do, and I hoped that I would click (no pun intended hehe) with this couple in person, as much as I had over email.

To say we clicked is definitely an understatement. Right away, when I finally got to meet them and we started shooting, I felt as if I knew them already. Like we were long time friends. They were not only eager to be doing this shoot for me, they were so appreciative that they got to add this experience to their list of "awesome things we got to do while engaged". Ok that's not a real list, I made it up. But still! They really appreciated the experience, which is what I hope for every one of my clients to feel. That appreciation is so rewarding. We had a great time shooting and everything came so natural to them. I had my friend Jason of Killer Creations do the videography. He is amazing! If you haven't found your videographer yet for your wedding, he is definitely the one I would refer you to! You can view the video I'm speaking of by CLICKING HERE. It all felt like it was just meant to be. That they were a couple I was supposed to meet, and they were meant to be a part of this journey in my business. When I watch this video I am just amazed by how far I have come in my dream of doing what I love, and seeing these people that I have developed friendships with in the meantime. So when they asked me to be their wedding photographer afterwards, of course I was honored.

Ok enough about how we met, lets move on to the wedding! Seriously, this wedding blew my mind. The majority of it was DIY. Kaley thought of everything, no detail was left behind. The venue was one that is in the middle of a remodel, but it was still so amazingly perfect for the day. It is called Paradise Ridge Challenge in Moscow, Idaho. The flowers were arranged by a family member- Toby Keough of Honey Suckle Design. Cake and desserts were made by Ronatta's Cakery. There were so many sweet moments throughout this day. Kaley gave little handkerchiefs to all of her bridesmaids and gave one to me as well. They were definitely needed, because many happy tears were cried on this day (as you will see below photos of the first look with Kaley's father, and Kaley and Brandon reading letters they had written to each other.. seriously, not a dry eye in the area while these events were happening!). I cherish the fact that she thought of me and included me in this. I have kept the handkerchief in my camera bag ever since and take it to every wedding with me. I'm sentimental like that!

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