Corinna + Michael | Post Falls, ID Wedding | Amber Tyler Photo

Oh my goodness, where do I even start?! First, I think I need to talk about how incredibly special Corinna and Michaels ceremony was. They had their whole wedding right in the backyard of Michaels parents' home. This was the perfect location for a wedding! You will see there is so much space and incredible views. The ceremony was packed full of sentiment, family, stories, advice, romantic comedy plug ins, and most importantly- love and commitment. Michael chose to do a foot washing ceremony, demonstrating and act of love and service to his wife, just as Jesus did for his disciples. And I have to add that I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience or wedding party at this time, this was so incredibly beautiful and touching! They also did a unity sand ceremony to demonstrate their lives joining, and becoming one. Everything was so beautiful and full of meaning. Their officiant also just happened to be Michaels Uncle, so the message throughout the whole ceremony was very personal and unique to them as a couple. Right before the end of the ceremony, their close family members came up and everyone in attendance reached their hands forward to say a prayer over their marriage. In case you didn't know- marriage can be extremely hard at times! So to start off right from the get go, with all the love and support from everyone there, is so extremely special and something I know they will always remember!

The details at the wedding were perfect. Most were done by themselves, and friends and family. Michael and family built the cross and fence used for the ceremony. The amazing floral details on the cross were done by Terrie-Lynn Mort of Bonita Floral Co. The cake and cupcakes were done by Stacie's Cakes. Brides hair done by Ashlee Anderson. Makeup was done by the brides sisters.

Corinna + Michael,

Thank you so much for having me capture this special day for you!!! I knew when I first met you two, that I had to be your photographer!! I mean, what are the chances of meeting another photographer that has lived basically everywhere you have lived?! haha! I am SO extremely excited for your future together. Michael- good luck in medical school, I know you are going to do amazing things! Good luck on your move to the East Coast, just know there are many many people over here on the West side that love and miss you! When you need a reminder, just take a look at these photos. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hillman!

Sincerely, Amber Tyler


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